Kessaria Pie

Kessaria pie is a Greek Cretan Meze, made with traditional handmade pastry, filled with pastrami sausage, cheese, and red soft pepper sauce

Tip... a good pastrami sausage in Greece, is from "Miran" sausages small industry

Mastelo grilled cheese

Mastelo cheese is a traditional cow milk cheese comes from Chios island. It is very tasty, besides the fat which is lower than the average. Mastelo grilled is salty flavoured with many tastes of animal cow. 


Tip... Mastelo is made also with goat milk 


Fava beans is one of the most famous Mezedes dish in Greece. Fava boils for many hours into the casarole with onion, salt and olive oil. After hours it creates a special cream tasty and flavour. Typicaly served with onions and olive oil on the upper. Lemon piece on side.

Tip... one of the most tasty Fava beans come from Santorini island and Korinthian mountains (Feneos villages)