It has been a long time since the snacks and coffee place "To Kafeneio" has been housed in a 400+ years old building. It was occasionally the main residence of many famous and unknown Greek people. It consists of the ground floor and the underground floor. In the past it was separated in two parts; the front part (up to the fireplace) and the rear part (the rest), thus having two separate residences. It is witnessed that before the German occupation (1940 - 1944) the children who lived in this neighbourhood used to gather and play in the rear part while the owners of the building kept their chickens at the edge of the rear part.


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Kessaria pie is a Greek Cretan Meze, made with traditional handmade pastry, filled with pastrami sausage, cheese, and red soft pepper sauceTip... a good pastrami sausage in Greece, is from "Miran" sausages
Mastelo cheese is a traditional cow milk cheese comes from Chios island. It is very tasty, besides the fat which is lower than the average. Mastelo grilled is salty flavoured with many tastes of animal cow.
Fava beans is one of the most famous Mezedes dish in Greece. Fava boils for many hours into the casarole with onion, salt and olive oil. After hours it creates a special cream tasty and flavour. Typicaly
Homemade Stuffed Vineleaves (Dolmadakia or Dolmades). Traditional handmade by ms Efstathia, specialist in homemade traditional recipies. Served with a lemon part on side.  Tip... anice and lemon dressing


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A combination of a Greek salad and a green salad. Tomato, anice, fresh onion, iceburg, radichio, smashed feta, olives, olive oil
Salad with "kritama" leaves, is a traditional salad made with tomato, cucumber, onion, green pepper, olives, extra virgin olive oil, "kritama". Kritama is a green salted and boiled to a casarole, most of


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"Ksirotigano" is a traditional sweet, served in Crete island, after a marriage or a baptism of a baby. In Greece, tradition is to celebrate like doing a festival to each marriage. Hundred, thοusand people come
A famous traditional sweet. Chocolate, Greek nuts, biscuits, Brandy drink. After preparation, we cool it into -18 degrees. Tip... a rare Greek ice cream served at the end of a lunch or dinner

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The Guardian mentions To Kafeneio as one of the nice spots in Athens. Read the full article at https://www.theguardian.com/travel/2010/mar/04/spotted-by-locals-city-tips
"To Kafeneio" honours our ancestors by creating a celestial dome on its ceiling, similar to the sky of Athens. On the 13th of August 2004 takes place the ceremony for the beginning of the ATHENS 2004 OLYMPIADE,
New York Times, the most famous newspaper world wide, refers to the "To Kafeneio" in an article about ouzo. The article covers the methods of production of ouzo an suggests to the visitors of Athens the top 5


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