It has been a long time since the snacks and coffee place "To Kafeneio" has been housed in a 400+ years old building.

It was occasionally the main residence of many famous and unknown Greek people. It consists of the ground floor and the underground floor. In the past it was separated in two parts; the front part (up to the fireplace) and the rear part (the rest), thus having two separate residences. It is witnessed that before the German occupation (1940 - 1944) the children who lived in this neighbourhood used to gather and play in the rear part while the owners of the building kept their chickens at the edge of the rear part.

After the civil war (1947) it was either used as a residence or accommodated several professions, giving away the feeling of the old city of Athens.
Since we bought this building in 1995, we haven´t stopped trying to improve its appearance and function.


Our place "To Kafeneio" consists of an inner and an outer place. Its internal part consists of the ground floor and the underground floor.
The ground floor consists of:

  • The lobby
  • The central room (room with tables and chairs)
  • The kitchen

All rooms are within one´s sight.
The underground floor covers the functional needs of our shop as it consists of storerooms, the wine cellar, the barrels where our wine ages, the accounts department and the W.C., where the stairs lead us.
The outer place is in front of our shop, on the pedestrian walkway. We keep some tables and chairs outside and this action is covered by a special licence from the Municipality of Athens for the year 2004.


We have 18 tables in the shop, which can put up up to 70 people. These tables, depending on their size, cover the needs from one up to eight people. It is possible though to put up bigger groups of people by adding and uniting tables. In this way we can form tables to cover the needs of a group of 26 people!

In the outer place of the shop we can put up people according to an annual licence from the Municipality of Athens. For the year 2004, according to the Municipality´s licence, we can have at least 15 tables in the outer part of our place. Each one covers the needs of one up to four people. We are also allowed to unite tables in order to cover the needs of bigger groups of people.


For the "Kafeneio", the menue is the basic psychological factor in terms or service. The customer´s touch with the menue fuels the awakening of the other senses such as sight, hearing and smell. The appearance of the menue plays an important part in the person´s psychology. An elegant menue can relax you and also to remind you the reasons that led you outdoors. On the other hand, a usual menue represents a place without a clear personality. An elegant menue is a big advantage to the owner of the shop; it´s a reason to make the first touch with the customer and something that reflects our respect to the customer who chose us.

The creation of our menue was influenced by the general view of our place and also by the feeling that we want to get throug. At least one element must be common; it may be the material that it´s made of, or the font in which it is written. This element usually matches the appearance of the shop so that the menue and the shop turn into memories that follow one another in the mind of the customer.

You can see pictures of the menus at the art & design section of the site.


The shop is equipped with:

  • Air condition.
  • Fireplace. In the wintertime, our fireplace -which you can see from every corner of the place- gives out a homely feeling and warms up the place. It is also useful for one more reason; We bake potatoes in its coal-fire, and then we open them and fill them with fresh butter (the type of butter made in Kerkyra island), cheese and spices!
  • Gas. Our modern stoves work using gas for a better cooking and baking. There is also a boiler which constantly supplies the W.C. and the radiators in the central room with warm water.
  • A professional refrigerator to preserve food with safety.
  • Radio with speakers in the central room for escaping through music.
  • Payment through credit cards such as VISA, MASTERCARD, AMERICAN EXPRESS, DINNERS CLUB and debit cards from EMPORIKI BANK, ALPHA BANK and CITIBANK.


We are open everyday throughout the whole year except Good Saturday and the Sunday of Pascha, New Year´s Eve from 7 p.m. until the New Year´s Day at 5 a.m. We serve coffee and drinks from 9:30 a.m. until 2:00 p.m. The kitchen is open from 11:00 a.m. until 1:00 p.m.


You can make your reservation by calling +30.210.3246916. In case the reservation exceeds 10 people, an amount of money needs to be paid in advance. In case the whole place is reserved, it is required to get in touch with the official person at least 14 days earlier.